It’s Easier to Obsess Then Write

The poor word said. It’s innocent in its simplistic and fades into the background. The dialog and characters should be the focus, not the tag. I think the real problem critics on wattpad have with said (yes it does get overused at times.) anyway, the problem as I see it is that it’s easier to obsess over a writing rule than to do any actual writing.

You know, what, I think fear is getting in the way, and it’s covered up by super sticky ‘holier than thou’ attitude that they toss back at any comment about how they are overdoing it. Not that they need to let it go. No, No. No. No need, nope, no need at all.

That poor little word said gets so much shit from people on the writing/reading sites it’s frekn’ ridiculous. It’s like one good piece of writing advice to not to overdo it has become the glitter of the writing world where every writer treats it like it’s going to infest their books if they so much as touch it. 

Writers messing with said probably are going to  (if they haven’t already) rip words straight out of the thesaurus, the bigger and more complex the better! You can bet that ‘boring’ old said is going to be switched to some new fat words that don’t do nothin’ but weigh that scene down. Talk about overfeeding a book, put it out of its misery already, give it an edit. BANG!

It isn’t the dialog tags that should be of such focus, it’s the lack of showing that is also the problem, from what I’ve seen on Wattpad the “showing” is nonexistent or sorely lacking and tends to be flat. Use that lovely thesaurus for a better reason, like when you’ve used a word too often. (I overuse backtrack and stabbed, bleed, ran, there, and such. 

What do you think, do I have things right? Are there any words you overuse? How much do you hate or love said? 

(original article can be found on Wattpad in my writing tips ‘book”) I revised this to fit the topic better.

Followers and reserch

I wonder how you follow a follower back? The link in my email is that followers email, I don’t want to bug people, I just want to follow them back, and give a like if I can. WordPress, why do you make this so blasted hard? 

Alright, now that’s a little better. 

I’m not published yet, I’m still learning, and let me tell you there’s so much to learn, it’s; wow. At least I can get a comma to mostly go where it belongs. Lolz. *Cough* 

It’s funny how much you research for a book and the strangest things, from what did people sit on thousands of years ago to what does being stabbed feel like? Ah, the search results must look pretty freaky, you see the fantasy I write tends to slide a bit into horror, just a kiss of it, a little bloody. xD

Here’s mine,


Merrrf, so, what does your writing research history look like? Share a screenshot with me in the comments. 🙂


That was a bad idea.

I took the book chapters down, I’ve already revised over half the book and the chapters that were posted up here were lacking in quality, blea! I think I’ll look for some other thing to post, maybe fantasy books I’ve read or something. 

In case anyone was wanting to read more, he’s the almost completed book on Soul Tear (A Pop up link)

Hum blog about fantasy stuff… I’ll have a new posting soon just need to mull some ideas over.

5 Crazy Writing Mistakes New Writers Must Stop!

In Wattpad writers (myself at one time too) tend to make some silly mistakes; it’s all part of the learning process. This can be tricky to spot.

    Not knowing when to stop.

This wavers between being a book and plot wide problem to chapter-wide depending on how far its sharp little trendles have dug into the writer’s story. You know how it is, just one more thing, one more subplot, one more character, one more prop, one more tweak.

Do this too many times and the whole story will be a twisted Gordian Knot!

I’ve seen this a few times already usually it’s the plot that got tweaked to hell. The few stories that I’ve read were doing great. I’d stay up late just to read a few more chapters, then boom around the middle the plot got a little more complicated, more characters added in, usually with names that were similar making it hard to remember who was who.

The writer would also add in new baddies and then kill off the old ones. O.o; Sometimes crazy things tossed at us like all of a sudden the main pov just couldn’t die practically bulletproof and pain? What is pain? Pifft! that character doesn’t feel pain!

I think the writer was trying to add more interest, drama, and suspense but went about it wrong. For one thing, none of the changes were foreshadowed earlier on. That kind of thing makes me grumpy.

This also seems to go together with the book that never ends, it felt like it should have ended 70 some chapters ago, but nope another update this week.

I personally can get burnt out if a book never seems to want to end or at least resolve a few things.


Most sane writers end up ditching such works giving them labels of practice books, you know the first one. I don’t know, this one sunk its fangs into me and wouldn’t let go, it demanded I fix it! So now I’m trapped in this? Is it really getting fixed or… I’ll find out soon enough.

Each new chapter got better and the others sucked flying donkey dung. It’s nice to see the old chapters written the way I write now. Better, not perfect, I still end up being overly vague and confuse the critics at times. Chapter two is a bitch.

Maybe too much foreshadowing? I did dump quite a bit in that chapter. 😛 Sigh. First book: pantiser style before I even knew what that was. -_- Freedom check. Creativity check. All good, until the plot runs off with an evil broom the secondary characters demand top placement and a frog sues you. Ya crazy land That’s the plot after the middle went Wonka-bonka @_@

*Sighs* am at chapter 30 and smoothing it all out slowly. 35 to go, and people wonder why I drink so much coffee and practically live off of energy drinks?

I love my book, it’s fun. I also hate my book, it’s a pain in the ass. I can’t wait to start on another book, any book. Stupidly stubborn or stubborn stupid? Going to finish it.

I don’t give up.

Note: many things said for possible comic effect and mangled words, along with nonwords. 😛